Instructions for Electronic Filing


Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission


Instructions for Electronic Filing


Effective April 28, 2014, all electronic filing must be done through the Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission’s electronic Case Management System (e-CMS). In order to use the system, you must register at If you need assistance, please email:

Please adhere to the following instructions when filing documents through e-CMS:

• Do not file additional copies via fax, the U.S. Postal Service, or courier.

• File settlement motions and proposed settlement orders separately. Settlement motions must be filed as PDF documents, and proposed settlement orders must be filed as Word documents.

• File all documents separately. For example, a “Motion to Accept Late-Filed Penalty Petition” must be filed separately from the accompanying Petition for Assessment of Civil Penalty.

• File a certificate of service with each document, if applicable.

• Name each document in this manner: Title of document/ Docket Number. If there are multiple dockets, include only the first docket listed in the caption followed by “et al.” The total number of characters must be less than 40, so the title (rather than the docket number) should be abbreviated as necessary. NOTE: You only need to file a document once. The docket office will file the document in the other consolidated cases.

• Immediately re-file any rejected document through e-CMS pursuant to the instructions provided to you by the Docket Office clerk. If it is rejected again, contact the Docket Office for further assistance at 202-434-9950.