Changes to Procedural Rules

Withdrawal of Simplified Proceedings Rule 

On December 28, 2010, the Commission published a final rule which set forth procedures for simplified proceedings. The Commission implemented the simplified proceedings rule as a pilot program. After evaluating the pilot program, the Commission has determined that withdrawal of the simplified proceedings rule is necessary at this time.

This final rule is effective November 25, 2019 without further action, unless adverse comment is received by November 12, 2019. If adverse comment is received, the Commission will publish a timely withdrawal of this direct final rule in the Federal Register while the Commission considers appropriate action with respect to its simplified proceedings rule.

Procedural Rules To Permit Parties To File and Serve Documents Electronically

The Commission published interim rules on December 23, 2013, that permitted parties to file and serve documents electronically with the Commission, and permitted comments on the rules.  The Commission is adopting those interim rules without making further changes, effective December 23, 2019, unless the Commission receives adverse comment by December 9, 2019.